Sparkling in the Darkness: Joy in Pauli Murray’s story

Join us Tuesday 9/27/16 @ 7 p.m. for a talk by Mary Moschella about making room for joy in pastoral care.


Ahmadieh Family Lecture Hall (Garage),  Bay 4, Smith Warehouse, Duke University, Durham, NC

Free and open to the public

The lives of caregivers are often weighted down by stress and vicarious suffering. Mary Moschella, Yale Divinity School Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, explores narratives of care that “make room for joy.” In her new book Caring for Joy: Narrative, Theology, and Practice she offers glimpses and glimmers of joy-in-action, found in the narrative accounts of five Christian caregivers.


The practices, beliefs, and values identified in these narratives are analyzed so that they might inform a practical, pastoral theology of joy. This presentation highlights one of these figures, Pauli Murray, the noted attorney, poet, and early civil rights activist who later became the first African American woman ordained as an Episcopal priest. Murray’s autobiography, seen in its historical context, offers clues illuminating the ways in which joy undergirded the struggle for justice that was her lifelong quest.

Sponsors: RCWMS and the Pauli Murray Project at the Duke Human Rights Center/FHI

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