Pauli Murray Lecture with Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall:
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Portrait of Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Community, Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park

Dr. Guy-Sheftall is the founding director of the Women’s Research and Resource Center and the Anna Julia Cooper Professor of Women’s Studies at Spelman College. She is also the President of the National Women’s Studies Association.

Mayme Webb-Bledsoe offers a welcome and
Councilman Farad Ali reads the Mayor’s Proclamation
of Pauli Murray Day in Durham, November 2009.

Pauli Murray is in the house thanks to
Hidden Voices and Chaunesti Webb-Lyon.

A compelling lecture by Beverly Guy-Sheftall
locates Pauli Murray in the pantheon of
Freedom Fighting Foremothers.

Video Documentation by Julia Wallace and Video Editing by Catherine Angst – Thank You!

The Pauli Murray Project is supported by the Andrus Family Fund and the North Carolina Humanities Council and took place at the Community, Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park. The event was sponsored by the Pauli Murray Project, a part of the Duke Human Rights Center, and Dr. Jeff Levin and Dr. Lea Steele. Cosponsored by the Franklin Humanities Institute, Southwest Central Durham Quality of Life Project, Women’s Studies, African and African American Studies and the Office of Institutional Equity at Duke University. Special thanks to TROSA.

The Pauli Murray Project seeks to activate history for social change. Through community engagement, we explore history as a way of acknowledging past wrongs and persistent connections as well as strengthening our ability to work together for positive change.

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